Playing Drinking Games With Dice

Drinking games using dice are the most popular among drinkers in pubs where alcohol supply is endless. You can have a great time playing drinking games with dice as you drink the whole night long or you can be so drunk keeping up with your friends and end up paying for all the drinks when everyone leaves you behind! Anyway, here are some of the best drinking games using dice:

Threshold – is a classic dice game combined with a toss coin. You also need a colorful plastic cup and of course a LOT of drinks ready in small shots or cups. The first person to shake the glass places the coin and the dice together; shakes the glass and asks the first player to guess heads or tails. When the player guesses right, the person who shook the glass has to drink the number of shots on the die but when the player guesses wrong, she has to drink the number of shots on the die herself. This “drinking game” will be over when everyone is too drunk to continue or when the pub runs out of booze. Sweet Sixteen – you guessed it, player has to be 16 years old to join in. You need a lot of beer, a dice and every player’s driver’s license on the table. Have all the licenses faced down and the youngest player is the first to draw; she chooses one from the lot and the person chosen has to roll a die. The number drawn is the number of shots he has to take. The Three Man – another drinking game from Penn State University where everyone seems to come up with a creative drinking dice game or card game every semester. The game needs two dice and a lot of beer or whatever alcohol you want to play with but place drinks in small plastic cups. Three Man starts with everyone rolling a die, the guy who first gets a three is the IT. Here are the rules of this dice drinking game: 3 – The IT must drink and then passes his title to another person he choose. The game continues.

7 – The person to the right of the IT has to drink.

9 – Everyone playing has to drink.

10 – The person to the right of the IT has to drink.

11 – The person to the left of the IT has to drink.

1 and 4 – whoever the IT is creates a drinking rule.

Double – the double number is the number of drinks the IT has to give out.

Six Cup – guaranteed to make all players to become wasted after the game is over. Use 6 plastic cups with a calibration from 1-6 with 6 being the most amount of alcohol. Players take turn rolling a die and you fill the cup with the corresponding number on the die you rolled. You need a lot of beer, six plastic cups, a marker and a lot of luck for this drinking game.

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